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Live Drilling

BioConstruct NewEnergy is happy to announce that we can offer "live core drilling" on any concrete digesters / storage tanks without the necessity to empty or lower the filling level.



Why would you do this you ask? The Answer is very simple:

To be able to add any kind of additional technology or service to the tank without a loss of production.

  • additional measurement
  • pipe work
  • mixing technology
  • pumping systems
  • additional tank discharge point

This service is fully certyfied and insured.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions:

Contact us here or via email.






Activated Carbon


Necatec AG and BioConstruct NewEnergy have established a consignment stock of active carbon in Middlesbrough, UK. There are over 25 tons of activated carbon readily available, at any time.

BioConstruct, owner and operator of over 30 biogas plants in Germany and the UK, has seen and used several types of activated carbon over the last 20 years. In 2015 BioConstruct has decided for “Sulpho Pro” and is, since then, using “Sulpho Pro” activated carbon throughout their plants.

Sulpho Pro´s main advantage is the increased maximum load compared to alternative products. BioConstruct has experienced about 20% increase of product lifecyle, resulting in longer standby times, less exchange intervals and reduced disposal and labour costs.

Below graph does show BioConstruct´s recent experience on a 5 MW (el.) food waste plant in the UK of two consecutive loads of carbon, conducted in beginning of 2021. The red graph shows standard carbon used, the blue line show the usage of Sulpho Pro. 


In a nutshell, SAL 70 was actually able to be loaded higher than the 20% (= 600 kg) according to data sheet by reaching nearly 780 kg, but Sulpho Pro reached even 1,205 kg. This is actually more than 50% difference based on that specific load.

Bottom line we recommend using Sulpho Pro, and are happy to explain you the further. Please follow the link below or contact us directly to find out more!

Contact us here or via email